Dafy Hagai

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Dafy Hagai's first solo exhibition, Eye Candy, presents works created between the years 2014-2022.

In her work, Hagai deeply explores superficial escapism through the themes of beauty and desire.

Using her recognisable style of minimalist visual language, she creates the feeling of collective belonging. The hidden layers of her work surface through her precise and gentle choices and purify the symbolic essence of each of her subjects.

Hagai works with analogue format, hand-prints it in the darkroom, and scans to get her final image, giving it a personal and distinct tone.

A decade ago, Dafy Hagai started working on her first photography project and book "Israeli Girls". The book became a stepping stone in her path as a photographer, and was acquired for the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

Her desire to portray positive and empowering messages, which she felt have been lacking in the media around her, drove her to become a feminine creative voice, influencing and rewriting contemporary visual culture.    

Dafy Hagai is an international artist and fashion photographer, based in London for the past five years. Up until now, she has published five photo books - Israeli Girls, Sunset, Golden Showers, Spring and Monaco. Hagai’s works have been displayed in group exhibitions around the world. Her clients include prime magazines and fashion brands.