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About the Artist

No Relief – first Solo exhibition by the artist, elegantly walking the fine line between provocative and romantic.

Nine years ago, Roni Morag created — an Instagram account where she presents self-portraits of her body or parts of it. It all began following an accident, which forced her to be creative while unable to move. In retro spect, the accident led to the awakening of the artist in her, who was neglected in childhood.

For the past nine years,'s art has been living in social media and open to the public, allowing you to look at it at any time and from anywhere.

The exhibition No Relief presents her works from the past two years, and this is the first time that her photographs have crossed the barrier between the virtual and the real.

Her photographs move back and forth between oppositions, Between home and the outside world, between the inciting and the comforting, between the erotic and the thought provoking.

It's a provocative exhibition that pushes the boundaries of social conventions. The photographs are loaded with pain while maintaining aesthetics and smooth beauty.'s gaze is at peace and defiant at the same time, focusing on the female body as it is, in the vicinity of his home. It is an expression of the demons that come out in the light of day, of the inner voices that receive visual expression in front of the camera, and in front of the watchful eye of the audience - which is always there.

Roni Morag (b. 1970) is an artist and photographer. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and New York

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